Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Farmers Markets

Visiting the Edmonds Farmers Market has become our new favorite weekend activity. Ever since reading In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto I have made a conscious effort to not only eat more fruit and vegetables, but to eat locally grown produce.

I remember taking road trips as a kid with my parents to Yakima to go pick bing cherries. I would eat the cherries until my stomach hurt (over the years a few people fell out of the cherry pickers and sued, so I’ve heard they don’t allow you to go up in the trees anymore). Nothing is as sweet as fruit straight off the farm and that’s what you can expect at the farmers market.

This past weekend the Edmonds Farmers Market was closed because of the Bite of Edmonds so we decided to go check out the UDistrict Farmers Market for the first time. We needed to buy a few things for Becca’s bridal shower so we had a great excuse to go. I want to note a couple observations: the UDistrict Farmers Market is a solid 25% or so more than the Edmonds Farmers Market and the quality/variety is basically the same. Parking in comparison to the Edmonds Farmers Market is much more difficult to find. Also the UDistrict Farmers Market had about 6 cheese vendors so people in that area must love their cheese!

I’ll let our photos do the rest of the talking:

A typical spread of vegetables

Emi’s favorite; heirloom tomatoes

Bright orange cherry tomatoes Emi bought for the shower

Must haves for a trip to the farmers market: coffee and a pastry

My raspberry strudel from one of the vendors

Award winning cheese from Estrella Farms

Emi with the flowers we had made for the shower and her Levaquin bag filled with fresh produce and cheese

If anyone is ever interested in going, let us know. We usually get our morning coffee at the Starbucks on Main in downtown Edmonds around 9:30am or so before heading across the street to the farmers market.


  1. That's the farmers market I go to, I must have just missed you guys! I also changed a lot of my eating/food buying habits after reading Michael Pollan's work. He also just had a really good NY Times article you should check out. And if you like reading about the food industry, check out Food Inc., its what I'm reading right now.

  2. I freakin LOVE your blog. I have the "Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollen and I want to read "In Defense of Food". Want to trade??