Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kyle's Kraves: Caspar's A Taste of the South

A couple weeks ago Emi’s Dad and I took the dogs for a hike up Little Mt Si in North Bend. After the 4.5 mile trek and a late start it was 3pm and we were starving. The whole last mile of the hike we talked about how we wanted to try Caspar’s BBQ. Caspar's is located just north of Lake City Way. I'll be honest, their food is decent, but not amazing; I would recommend Jones BBQ or Dixie BBQ over Caspar’s. However the reason I’m posting about Caspar's is because of their amazing beignets.

I was skeptical at first, but Emi's Dad said I had to try them. We ordered a dozen to bring back to share with Emi’s Mom who insisted we bring them back for her. I’m not necessarily a big dessert or sweets fan, but these were great! For anyone who hasn’t had beignets before the best way to describe them is fluffy, sweet, bite sized elephant ear that melts in your mouth. They are fried and coated in powdered sugar and cinnamon. When you bite into them they literally just melt into sweet goodness in your mouth. They are very light and not as rich as a funnel cake. If you ever want a nice treat or need to pick up a good dessert to bring to a party drop by Caspar’s and get some of their hot beignets. Also their sweet tea is really good too.



  1. I have never had a beignet before but it sounds like something I would like!

  2. Did you know Gabe loves Casper's? They have a trailer a block from our house that we grab food at every now and then! I am embarrassed to say Gabe ate there like three nights in a row a month or two ago! LOVE their beignets!