Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Dinner #2: Family Bday Party

My mom's friend, Dusanee, is like my adopted Thai aunt. She is an amazing cook and this year added a fun element to my yearly family birthday party by cooking up a few Thai dishes. Instead of eating the same things over and over again I thought it would be nice to change things up a little. The food was amazing and I am now taking applications for a nice Korean, Vietnamese, and/or Italian aunt. Let me know if you know anyone.

Some delicious authentic pad see ewe, thick rice noodles, pork, and mixed vegetables, cooked up in an egg and an awesome Thai sauce.

Eggplant and tofu. I love the sweet, tender smaller Asian eggplants and it went perfectly with this dish. The tofu also soaked up all of the great sauce.

My mom made steamed fish

Every year my Mom marinates pounds and pounds of short ribs in her kalbi marinade and my Dad spends an hour or so bbq'in them up for the party. This is probably the highlight of the yearly feast.

Gail and Steve bought duck in Chinatown and also brought over steamed buns to eat them in.

We wrapped the duck in the steamed buns with some hoison and plum sauce with fresh Sumida Farm watercress straight from Hawaii

My mom made a red velvet cake for my birthday. With the boom in fancy cupcakes over the past few years, red velvet has become one of my favorite decadent flavors and this cake didn't disappoint.

The red velvet cake with Emi's homemade raspberry cheesecake ice cream with graham crackers

Another fun family event and birthday party revolving around food. Next up is a recap of the last birthday party of the year and the one I probably look the most forward to. The "guy's party".

- Kyle


  1. I love pad see ewe! I think it is my #1 thai noodle dish and that looks amazing. And I'm heading down to the taco truck today!

  2. Next time I'm not in Redmond on a Monday I am going to the taco truck for sure! It is located super close to my office, less than a block away. I'm also probably going to buy everything on their menu!