Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pho 99

One of the benefits of living up north is all of the great Asian restaurants in the area. Relating to one of our regular spots, Pho 99, it took us awhile to actually try the place mainly because it looks like the type of place where you might find a cigarette butt in your pho. However, one of my coworkers has been frequenting Pho 99 for awhile now and highly recommended it to Emi and I. We're always looking for a nice, hot, quick meal so pho is frequently on our minds. We were pleasantly surprised when we finally tried it out and wanted to share our experience with everyone.
Pho 99 is right off of Aurora and about a block away from Costco. Next time you make your way up to Costco, put the $1 hot dog and sample food on hold and come get some pho from Pho 99.

Good restaurants understand that the details are just as important as the meal itself. Every customer is greeted with a glass of sweet, refreshing lychee juice to sip on while you wait for your meal.

They have amazing fresh spring rolls that we highly recommend. They don't skimp on the shrimp or waste any space with filler. We also really like their peanut dipping sauce.

One of their more unique dishes is their Vietnamese crepes. It's one of the house specialties. I had never heard of it before going to Pho 99. The crepe consists of egg and coconut milk and is filled with green onions, bean sprouts, and your choice of meat, I prefer shrimp. What I like to do is wrap some fresh basil and mint in romaine with the crepe and dip it in the fish sauce. It can get a little messy, but is an amazing mix of flavors. The sweet and sour flavor of the sauce goes really well with the salty coconut shrimp crepe.

Emi wanted to try something different and ordered their BBQ pork egg noodle soup. What sets aside Pho 99's soup is their broth. You can tell that they don't use the instant broth that most pho restaurants use. If you've noticed that pho can taste the same from place to place, it's probably because they use instant broth. If you do get pho at Pho 99 definitely try the chicken pho which is our favorite because they also add in a lot of vegetables making it delicious, but also healthy.

If anyone is ever in the neighborhood or in need of a quick hangover cure that only pho can remedy make sure to let us know!

- Kyle

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