Thursday, June 17, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in Newport, Oregon - Part 2

I know you were all sitting at the edge of your seats for this second post on our weekend trip to Newport! On we go, on our wild and crazy food-filled trip.

Kyle's grandparents took us all out to eat at Quimby's , a local seafood joint in Newport.

Oh wow. Kyle's cheesy, luscious, slurp-to-the last-drop french onion soup. Need I say more?

My bacon and spinach salad was also killer.

You can't go to Newport and not eat some seafood--I got the crab cakes, which were filled with lots of fresh dungeness crab.

Ignore the random people in this photo. Since the Rogue Brewery headquarters was down the street from us, we went on a tour.

These are barrels full of whisky, the brewery's more recent venture. The tour guide said that pound for pound, Rogue puts more ingredients in their beer than other beers out there and that's what makes their beer so special.

Only downside of the tour was that there wasn't really a tasting we ended up going to the grocery store and buying some Rogue beer to go with dinner! I guess the Dead Guy Ale is their most well known beer, and was named because they have a hospital gurney that they use to hold this beer. I loved the Mocha porter, which was a darker beer with a slight chocolate flavor.

This was only the tip of the iceberg that was our food focused trip. We are headed to Maui for a week in July for my friend Amy and Aaron's wedding and will have more travels and food adventures to post soon!

Happy Eating,

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