Friday, January 27, 2012

Venice Part 2 - The end of our cruise

The sun was rising over Venice as we sailed into port, ready to depart the ship. The best way to see the beautiful city of Venice is as you sail in or out on a cruise ship. The city is truly unlike anything in this World.

Our group all parted ways with different journeys home from the ship. Kyle and I were scheduled for a layover in Paris, but before our flight departed from the Venice airport, we made one last stop in Venice for food! We searched what seemed like the whole city for a good breakfast spot since it was only 8AM. And by breakfast, I mean gelato.

We found a spot, and it was probably nothing special by Venetian standards. But to us, the gelato was heavenly. It came as a set with coffee. This must be a tourist trap, knowing that only an American tourist in a gelato frenzy would need gelato for breakfast, in addition to some coffee.

We also ordered a breakfast panini, which was fabulous with the Italian prosciutto and cheese.

My parents spent one more day in Venice before flying home. They wondered around the Venice fish and open market, finding some fun and unusual finds.

And had one last meal of their favorite Italian dishes.

My dad's favorite is Spaghetti Vongole, or clam spaghetti with a white wine sauce.
Happy Eating,

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