Friday, January 20, 2012

Santo Winery - Beautiful Santorini, Greece

The primary reason we wanted to make this trip was to visit Greece and more specifically the beautiful island of Santorini. We have heard stories and seen amazing photos from friends and family who have made the trip. Every time I see photos of Santorini I can't believe how beautiful the island truly is. What was even more amazing was that seeing it and experiencing Santorini in person was even better!
We took a bus tour through Santorini and the best stop of the tour, although too short, was a visit to Santo Winery. The tour was literally ten minutes, with a mad dash to consume wine and mezes in the remaining 20 minutes before the bus took us to our next location. I would have been completely OK with the tour cutting a stop or two so we could have spent more time here.
The winery we popped in and out of, before running to tasting area, which was located on a cliff overlooking the sea below. They served us with olives, fresh tomatoes, cheese, and bread to go with our wine.
The island of Santorini was very windy, so we learned the grapes cannot grow as you might expect in the US. Instead they have figured out how to grow the plants in coils with the grapes growing within the leaves in the center protected from the wind.
Santo Winery had three wines for us to enjoy and with unlimited tastings, we definitely went back for seconds, thirds, maybe more, but who was counting. It was hot and I needed something to quench my thirst. The Nykteri white wine was our favorite, but they also had a red and a sweet port like wine. The red was a little weak and the port was obviously too sweet to consume in large quantities so after trying both we stuck with the white.
Emi with her Santo Winery red.
The view from the wine tasting terrace.
Good wine, with a better view. I think if we had by chance purchased a bottle of their wine in a random grocery store we would have had a completely different impression of the wine. However with the perfect weather and eye opening, scenic views Santorini had to offer this was the perfect wine for the perfect day!
- Kyle


  1. The day before we got to Santorini it apparently rained there and I seriously would have cried if we weren't able to experience that view! Maybe Esquin sells Santorini wines?

  2. Oh yes, rain in Santorini would have been tragic! No, Esquin has a limited selection of Greek wines:(. Looks like we need to go back to enjoy more! -Emi