Friday, July 29, 2011

Site-seeing and of course more food - Montmarte - Paris Part 5

Every time we travel we share photos and videos of our experiences afterwards with family and friends and a constant comment is "what did you do besides eat?"
To combat that question we tried to mix in some site seeing with our eating during this trip. One day Emi's aunt wanted to take us to Montmarte, one of the oldest most historical churches in Paris. What makes this church unique besides the age and history is the unique location at the top of a steep hill. You can walk up to the church or do what we did and ride a tram up the hill.
At the base of the hill is a great little cafe Emi's aunt recommended we drop into for a quick lunch before making the ride up the hill and this was the amazing view from our cafe.
If you are a fan of ripe, super sweet, juicy melons, make sure to schedule a visit out to Europe for July. What would turn into a common theme was amazing cantaloupe, unlike anything I've ever enjoyed here in the States, accompanied with salty savory ham or prosciutto. This one was cut a little thicker.
Emi and I decided to go with a "light lunch" so of course ordered the Croque Madame, which is an open faced ham and melted cheese sandwich over toasted bread topped with a grilled egg. There's nothing better than breaking your egg yolk and having it melt all over your bite of toasted bread, salty ham, and gooey cheese. Delicious and look at the bright color of that yolk!

The view from the top of Montmarte looking down on the city below. See we didn't just eat :).
- Kyle

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  1. I thought Montmare was such a cool area, and great view of the city! Amelie is one of my favorite movies and most of it was filmed in that area!