Monday, August 1, 2011

Boulanger, Patissier - French Pastries - Paris Part 6

As some of you may remember before we made our trip out to Paris, we made sure to "research" all things French food and wine. I soon came to learn that one of my favorite things to eat was pain au chocolat or chocolate filled croissants. Nothing is better with a cup of coffee. Knowing we were going to the land of buttery croissants I made it a mission of mine to eat as many as possible knowing I wouldn't be able to compare once I came back from Paris.

Even though our hotel served us breakfast every morning (which was delicious and included mini pain au chocolats and butter croissants), we would head across the street to fill up on more buttery pastries to enjoy with our coffee.

This bread/pastry shop was located right across the street from our hotel and was filled with buttery, glistening goodness.

Just walking through was a fun experience, but you know we had to try a few things as well.

Their pain au chocolat was perfect flaky, buttery (my hands and anything I touched was greasy afterwards) and warm so the chocolate inside oozed out. This pastry was soo good and one of the highlights of the trip.

We also tried their framboise (raspberry) beignets which were covered in sugar. A little thicker than the light, fluffy powdered sugar ones I've enjoyed in the States, but still amazing.

We both noticed that the French eat very light breakfasts, no eggs and sausage, but sometimes just a loaf of fresh French bread or a croissant and a cup of coffee. Something I could get used to, too bad I don't have a French bakery around the corner from my house.

- Kyle

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