Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to Ann Arbor and The Big House

Over this past Labor Day Weekend I found myself traveling out to Ann Arbor again for work. This time I was out for the Michigan vs UConn football game and was lucky enough to check out The Big House which was celebrating it's grand reopening after finishing renovations.

I took this photo while I was waiting for my food outside of Zingerman's. Zingerman's is my new favorite deli. I actually smiled and got a little giddy when I walked in to order my food. Food is one of the few things that can get me this excited.

I only had one night in Ann Arbor, so knew exactly where I would eat, Zingerman's. This time I got the sandwich Emi ordered. It was the pastrami with Swiss cheese and the best coleslaw ever. Rich, creamy, and sweet and really what sets this sandwich apart from all others. The pastrami was amazing, but probably the best part about this sandwich was the fresh bread. They toast it to perfection. I'm not always a big fan of toasted bread with sandwiches. I always think of the crusty white bread that comes with club sandwiches and how it always cuts the rough of my mouth. This bread though is perfectly toasted so that it doesn't fall apart, but still provides an amazing crunch without being too hard.

I enjoyed it with a bowl of matzah ball soup. I could tell the broth was made with homemade chicken stock and to top off the meal I washed it down with a cool cream soda.

The big boy up close and personal. What a filling, yet tasty meal. Near the end, I was stuffed, but it was soo good I couldn't stop eating.

Inside of Zingerman's they have stories behind every single sandwich they have ever had on their menu. Since they serve variations of corned beef, pastrami, chicken, and more they have a lot of stories.

Even though this isn't food related, it was what brought me back to Zingerman's. My first time inside of The Big House. 114,000+ fans. Pretty crazy.

When Emi and I were in Ann Arbor earlier in August, I didn't think I would be out again so soon, but I'm happy I was so that I could get my Zingerman's fix. Hopefully we'll be back again soon.

- Kyle

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