Monday, September 6, 2010


OK, I promise we are almost done with our Ann Arbor love fest! At the Farmer's Market, I fell in the love with the tomatoes so much that I had to buy some for my favorite summer dish--caprese salad. Which then led us down the road to Zingerman's the best deli in the whole world, for some fresh mozzarella for the salad.

Zingerman's is one of the most famous Ann Arbor landmarks, second only to the Big House Michigan Stadium. According to our friend Alan, the owner's of Zingerman's sought to create the perfect deli with the original store. They vowed to keep their empire in Ann Arbor and not expand with franchises around the country like many (myself included) want them to. They now have a restaurant, bakehouse, a creamery, a coffee line, and even a candy company.

Saturday's are crazy at Zingerman's since those are also Farmer's Market days. People line up around the block for their amazing sandwiches.

They have the most amazing selection of vinegars and olive oils and other specialty foods.

You can buy their bread to make your own sandwiches at home, but nothing beats their sandwiches....

This is my #22 Jenny's Fix: Zingerman's pastrami, Switzerland Swiss, coleslaw & Russian dressing on grilled rye bread. It was absolutely finger-licking good. The sweet and crunchy coleslaw definitely made the sandwich. I also should note that when ordering the sandwich they ask if you want an old or new pickle...I would say the old is the way to go.

Anna's #7 Kelly's Menage a Turkey: Smoked turkey breast, Zingerman's Creamery Manchester cheese (double cream camembert), oven roasted onions and Dijon mustard on grilled farm bread. Woop woop!

Kyle's classic #2 Zingerman's Reuben: Zingerman's corned beef, Switzerland Swiss cheese, sauerkraut & Russian dressing on grilled, hand-sliced Jewish rye bread. YUM!

Kerry Town is in the historic area of Ann Arbor and is home to the farmer's market and Zingerman's. There is also great shopping for food lovers including the best fish shop in Ann Arbor, Monahan's Seafood market. My dad used to go here and ask for crazy types and cuts of fish for our Japanese cuisine and other food of the world. If there were frequent flyer type status levels at this store, my dad would have been an MVP Gold member of this shop.

While strolling around the shopping area, we stumbled upon this cute oil and vinegar shop, Fustini's. They had dozens of olive oils and vinegars in every flavor you can think of.

I got this Fig Balsamic vinegar, which is amazing when mixed with olive oil and some mixed greens, figs (which are in season right now!), and goat cheese.

Kyle and I are obsessed with any and all things truffle. We got this small bottle of white truffle oil which has been wonderful on popcorn as a late night snack!

We picked up a couple of extra bottles of unique vinegars for some Christmas presents...but I can't give too much info away so I don't ruin the surprise! However, the people that will be receiving this gift probably aren't even reading this right now...ahem, parents......!

For a late afternoon snack we headed to the mall where my friends and I spent many afternoons prowling for cute boys and spending our allowance on stupid frivolous things. My favorite smoothies are found here at Surf City Squeeze. I have never been able to find a smoothie that tastes like these smoothies--I am convinced they put some drug in them to make me addicted.

I love the strawberry banana. Kyle is posing with his SAM's shirt, which is a shirt that most Ann Arbor people own in some color of the rainbow.

One more post to go!

Happy Eating,

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