Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Official Anniversary Dinner - The Kingfish Cafe

You might be asking yourself, "didn't they already celebrate their anniversary?" Well, technically yes we did, but anytime we have an excuse to go out for a great meal, we'll take it and this meal was on our official anniversary August 23rd. So we'll say this was our official anniversary dinner.

Every time I meet someone who says they love food, I always ask them where their favorite restaurant is and recently The Kingfish Cafe keeps popping up as a common answer. Emi and I had never been there, so were determined to make it happen. Most people go out to fancy dinners for their anniversaries, we went out for fried chicken, ribs, and mac and cheese!

The Kingfish Cafe is well known for their Southern soul food. It's a small place and doesn't take reservations, so make sure to drop by the bar for a drink while you wait for your table.

Emi ordered the Two Sistas cocktail which came with Stoli vodka, Peach Schnapps, peach nectar, and a squeeze of lime. The perfect drink for a warm summer night.

I ordered hands down the best mojito I have ever had in my life. The Kingfish Mojito was made with cachaca 51, fresh mint, muddled limes, simple syrup, soda, and splash of sweet and sour. This was a really sweet mojito, but somehow the lime balanced it out perfectly. You could barely taste the alcohol, yet it hit you hard. I also loved how it was served in a jar. I would go back just for this drink.

Emi ordered the sweet smoky pork ribs that came with collard greens, cornbread, and a surprisingly good potato salad. The potato salad ended up being one of the highlights of the meal.

We had to order a large side of mac and cheese, which is one of their most famous dishes. Their menu says they use two types of cheeses and then bake it up.

My fried chicken, probably one of the best I've ever had. The chicken was super moist and juicy on the inside with a great flavorful, spicy crust on the outside. The potato salad was the perfect complement.

That's two "best ofs" in one meal. I think I'll be back soon and know exactly what I'm going to order next time. I can't wait to find out where we'll go next year. Last year was The Metropolitan Grill for Porterhouse steaks, this year was The Kingfish Cafe for fried chicken, ribs, and mac and cheese, maybe next year will be seafood?

- Kyle


  1. I love the Kingfish Cafe! I went there 2 years ago for my birthday and have been dying to go back. Happy anniversary!

  2. Hello Emi and Kyle,
    I'm glad you enjoyed your meal. I like your blog it's so nice to see two people in love and loving food so much.

    Hope to see you again
    Kenyetta Carter
    Chef Kingfish Cafe

  3. Hi Kenyetta,

    Thanks for reading our blog! We actually just went back a week ago to get together with some friends and to celebrate Emi's birthday. We shared multiple dishes between our group and thought it was even better the 2nd time!

    - Kyle

  4. They really do have the best mojitos in Seattle! We celebrated Jeremy's birthday there this year. The fried green tomatoes app is amazing, btw, you'll have to try it next time!