Sunday, October 31, 2010

Living Social - Kaya Korean BBQ

Kaya Korean Barbeque opened up near us in Shoreline about a year ago and ever since then we've wanted to go try it out. One of my favorite things in the world is Korean BBQ. We tried going to Kaya once before, but they had an hour long wait, so we decided against staying.

My aunt and uncle have always wanted to try Kaya as well and finally the occasion came up when Living Social had a $45 for $90 deal to Kaya. I love checking my daily deal from Groupon and Living Social. I can always find great deals and on this occasion it gave me a great reason to take Emi, my aunt, and uncle out for dinner to a place we've all wanted to try.

The $90 went towards Combo #2 which was the combo meal for four people. It came with: angus fresh short ribs, marinated short ribs, marinated sirloin, beef brisket, black pork belly, marinated tenderloin, mushroom, bean paste stew, radish wrap, and one bottle of beer.

One of our favorite aspects of Korean food is all of the delicious sides. Our meal also came with three side dipping sauces. My favorite was the salty, garlicky sauce. The salt in the sauce was crystalized which added great flavor to the fresh non-marinated meat.

The meat spread. All of the meat delivered a different texture and flavor. However after trying them all, next time I know I'm focusing solely on the marinated short ribs or kalbi. That ish was delicious! Sweet and crusty after being cooked on the charcoal barbecue. The sauces were good, but man a solid kalbi marinade is all I need. Next time I'm buying $90 worth of this stuff!

Cooking up all of the smokey delicious meat. We were stuffed after this amazing meal.

To end the meal we had to have some pork belly aka fat cuts of bacon. I like how the Koreans do things and this was a decadent way to end a decadent meal. We will definitely be back in the near future and we highly recommend this place to anyone craving a delicious Korean BBQ dinner.

- Kyle

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