Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Epulo Sunday Brunch

Recently we've upgraded from our breakfast greasy spoon favorite Colonial Pantry, to Epulo in downtown Edmonds. Besides having a great dinner and drink menu, they also have a nice brunch as well.

We woke up a few weeks ago, late on a Sunday and decided it was time to get brunch so we went with our good friend Mollie down to Edmonds. The night before we had been up late tailgating at the UW Husky football game, so we were tired and in need of some food.

All three of us decided we needed to try out Epulo's Bloody Mary. I'll be honest, it was decent, but not great. However I have really high standards because Emi makes a pretty good Bloody Mary. Once a friend of a friend who was a self proclaimed "alcoholic" said Emi's Bloody Mary was the best they had ever had and if that's not an endorsement, I'm not sure what is.

Emi paired her Bloody Mary with Pizza and Eggs. Italian flat crust pizza, bacon, arugula, fontina, finished in the wood fire oven with two sunny side eggs. Pizza, the breakfast of champions. Emi said the pizza was good, but didn't compare to Tom Douglas's Serious Pie, egg pizza.

I wanted to try something a little different and was not disappointed. Mine was the Fried Egg in Polenta, shaved Grana Padano, crispy bacon, house potatoes, sauteed greens, plugra toast. The fried polenta matched up well with soft egg and the best part of the meal was the crispy, salty bacon.

We went back to Epulo this past weekend again for brunch and they didn't disappoint. Another thing worth mentioning is that we can use our Passport Card at Epulo to get 2 for 1 entree deals that work for brunch as well.

If anyone is ever in the area and wants to grab a Sunday brunch let us know!

- Kyle


  1. Not sure how I feel about the "alcoholic"'s endorsement--should I feel honored or guilty?? Yes, Kelsey, let's go soon!-Emi