Tuesday, January 18, 2011

French Wine Tasting - French Sparkling Wine and Oysters

After picking up dim sum at T&T, we decided to keep our gluttonous Sunday moving with a trip down to Esquin our favorite wine shop down in SoDo. Emi wanted to go to Central Market afterwards to buy some oysters for dinner, so of course we needed to pick up a bottle of champagne to pair with them!

We went down to Central Market and bought two dozen oysters for ourselves. We bought a dozen Dabob and Sisters Point Oysters. It was our first time trying the Sisters Point oysters.

When perusing the Champagne selection down at Esquin I quickly noticed that any bottle from the Champagne region would cost me at least $40. Veuve, which is high class to me, was on the lower end of the Champagne price points. We asked one of the friendly employees at Esquin for a little bit of help and he highly recommended the selection above. It was grown outside the region, but was still from France. He mentioned that a similar tasting Champagne would have cost at least $35 or $40. We paid much less.

I couldn't put it off any longer; Emi finally forced me to learn how to shuck an oyster... Usually I avoid learning certain tasks like how to clean a razorclam, how to shuck an oyster, how to fold a crane (I've recently been taught to do the first two, but have still avoided learning how to do the last). It's pretty easy to learn, but difficult to efficiently put into practice.

Emi's brussel sprout tree that we picked up at Central Market. This is definitely a seasonal offering, they said the difference between the tree and normal brussel sprouts were that these were usually sweeter, which they were. Just make sure to cut them off the tree first.

Nothing better than fresh, sweet, local grown oysters paired with some bubbly to end a long week.

Another attempt at brussel sprouts with pancetta. A little too salty, but with each attempt Emi was getting closer and closer until her most recent attempt, which I think is really good.

Our babushka Buster

Another fun foodie Sunday spent together.
- Kyle

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