Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thanks Living Social!

We recently blogged about a first class Korean BBQ dinner we enjoyed at Kaya. The reason we went there was because we found a really great Living Social deal, $45 for $90 of delicious Korean BBQ. You can read more about our great meal here.

This deal has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving. After our post went out someone from Living Social actually reached out to us to thank us for posting about our fun experience. Little did they know that we only have 18 followers :).... They asked for me to send them our mailing address and that a gift would be sent to us.

This was our first Christmas gift of the year and a perfect present for us and our food blog!

A shiny, red Living Social recipe holder! Even though we cook a lot, we don't really have a recipe holder so this was a really cool, needed gift.

We can't wait to start loading up our new recipe holder with some delicious new dishes. Also as you can see, a few new ones came with it as well, looking forward to trying out the Secret Santa-gria!
Also for those of you not signed up for Living Social, we highly recommend it. We actually just bought another Kaya deal and they always have great spa specials as well.
Happy holidays!
- Kyle and Emi