Monday, January 10, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka Part 3 – Rainbow Drive In and Dave’s Ice Cream

Having never been to Rainbow Drive In before, Emi’s cousin, Karli took us there for lunch on one of our last days in Hawaii.

Look at the descriptions of all of those amazing Hawaiian favorites.

We definitely ordered enough food for probably six, even though there were only three of us. Emi ordered the side loco moco with the egg sunny side up. The gravy was the highlight of the dish. The patty was solid with onions mixed into it. Not the best loco moco I've had, but satisfying.

Probably my favorite dish was the pork long rice. I only wish they had served it with more sauce so that it could have soaked into the rice.

My half a fried chicken and French fries. Well cooked, juicy, but unfortunately surprisingly under salted and under seasoned. A little disappointed, but I’m happy I tried it. Next time I’m ordering the hot dogs with chili. I saw a local looking guy order it and it sounded like he ordered it every day and it looked delicious.

My Barq’s (only Barq’s and A&W are acceptable) root beer float with good “cheap” ice cream that turned icy for me.

After shopping at Ala Moana we worked up a hunger for some ice cream and found one in the basement of Sears. Emi and I love Dave’s. We wish Dave’s and Baldwin’s would open up a franchise in Seattle so that we could enjoy their delicious frozen treats more than once a year.

I ordered my two favorites; guava and lychee sorbet. I swear the guava has pulp in it and tastes like a frozen guava juice and the lychee sorbet has real lychee chunks in it.

Emi ordered the lychee sorbet and the coconut macadamia nut ice cream.

As you can see we packed in a lot of food during our short trip. Don't worry our trip through Hawaii isn't over yet. Next up are two posts related to family dinners with Emi's family.

- Kyle


  1. The whole family had ice cream at this basement place when we were there for your wedding. It was sooo good!! These posts make me miss Hawaii so much! Too bad we won't be going back for a long time!

  2. Hopefully you can feel the sunrays and taste the food through our blog. I'm sure you'll be back again soon.