Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Just want to take a second away from our many Singapore blog posts to say Happy Birthday to my gastronomical partner in crime, Kyle. Becca, one of my best friends, said in our toast at our wedding that we made the perfect couple because she has never seen two people love food so much. I'm lucky to have found my match and someone who doesn't think I'm too crazy for wanting honey glazed chicken wings at 2AM (OK, he did think I was crazy and we nearly broke up over it, but that is all in the past....)

We are celebrating tonight with a hearty Italian meal at La Spiga which I am sure will eventually make the blog!

Happy Eating,


  1. Hi Emi
    I came across your blog while hunting around for some information about Korean food. My husband and I went to a local Korean BBQ restaurant tonight and had a fabulous meal. The meat was great, but the sides were the highlight. At the end of the meal we were each given a small bowl of a clear light yellow liquid (cold) with something translucent floating in it. Do you know what it was? I didn't know whether to dip my fingers in it or drink it, so I did nothing.
    Thanks! And happy b'day to your hubby,
    Pam J.

  2. Thanks Pam for your comment and for reading our blog! My first thought was that this is a clear broth soup with possibly daikon (radish). However, it could have been a cleansing liquid for your hands. I am used to having a warm clear soup with seaweed with the meal, not usually at the end. I will do some investigating and get back to you if I find out!


  3. Thanks Emi! Glad I discovered your blog. I'm a foodie too so your eating adventures are quite interesting to me.
    Cheers from the DC area, where it's cold and glum (probably because the US Capitol Building is just 10 miles from my house and it's ALWAYS cold and glum in that place) and it feels like spring will never come.