Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jones BBQ

Emi's family from Hawaii recently spent the week with us over the Memorial Day Weekend holiday. One of the things they were craving was BBQ. Our favorite Seattle BBQ spot is Jones BBQ. We went to their SoDo location, but found out they are only opened for lunch (the website doesn't list their hours, so word of warning). In the end we went to the Columbia City location. They also have a restaurant in West Seattle. What I like about the Columbia City location is that you can usually find street parking and if not, you can park in the lot across the street for $1. What can you really get for $1 anymore; parking while you wait for some delicious ribs!

Our spread. We didn't think the family combos would be enough so went ala carte. We went with a rack of their pork ribs, two pounds of rib tips, and a pound of their beef brisket. Each order came with white bread to sop up their sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. We also ordered their cole slaw and baked beans, the cole slaw was really good. I'm not usually a fan, but recommend this slaw.
Their ribs weren't super tender, but flavorful and filling. I'm not saying they were tough either. Definitely more of a West Coast type of BBQ, which relies more on the sauce rather than on the rub and smokiness of the meat like you might find in the South.
Classic example of how Jones BBQ differs from what I've enjoyed in Texas is their beef brisket. Delicious, yet still knife and fork type of dish. Where in Texas, the brisket is slow cooked, smoky, and melts in your mouth. No knife required!
My favorite is the rib tips, full of meat, fat, and a little cartilage. I enjoy all the textures to the rib tips and always order a side of medium BBQ sauce to go with my meat.
After filling ourselves with BBQ all of us were a little drowsy. Emi's cousin's son decided he wanted to take a nap on Buster.
I can't recommend a ton of good BBQ places in Seattle, however when craving it, I always go to Jones BBQ. They are consistent, tasty, and filling.
- Kyle

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  1. You should check out Hole in the Wall BBQ in Pioneer Square. Also short hours and I don't know if they even have a website, but great BBQ. Jeremy goes there every Monday with coworkers!