Monday, June 13, 2011

Farmer's Market Season Is Here!

Although you can't depend on the summer weather you can depend on the coming of the Edmond's Farmer's Market.

The market opened up a couple weeks ago and you know Emi and I were there with reusable bags in tow.

With Emi's family coming in from out of town we wanted to stock up on extra local produce to share with them. Our first buy was a dozen more fresh, local duck and chicken eggs.

From the onsite bakery we bought a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread and some amazing butter from Golden Glen Creamery. We went with the honey butter and Provencal butter on the right. Every morning we spread the creamy, sweet butter on our breakfast toast.

Of course we had to stop at the Resident Cheesemonger and picked up some great goat cheese which went deliciously with scrambled eggs and cheddar for Emi to use with sandwiches and her new panini maker.

What's great about the farmer's market besides the freshest of the fresh and the relatively cheap prices (most of the time cheaper than the grocery store) is that we enjoy talking with all of the vendors. Hearing about their passion for what they do and also taking their recommendations. We were talked into buying a bag of arugula and spinach. The spinach tasted like nothing I had before. I'm not a big fan of raw, uncooked spinach, but I could eat this stuff by the handful. Emi also picked up some fresh turnips, which she combined with everything else to make a great fresh salad.

Some golden delicious apples. The vendor said cherries should be coming soon, can't wait. I feel like I go in fruit eating hibernation in the winter, so looking forward to some sweet, ripe fruit.

And we had to take advantage of the tulips while they were still in season. Tulips are Emi's favorite flower. Which is great for me because they are usually cheap.

We've been back almost every weekend, except for when we're out of town. We always feel we eat healthier, a wider variety of produce, save a little bit of money, and all in all have a better time grocery shopping for the week when we go to the farmer's market. If you haven't been before, you don't have to come all the way up to Edmonds, but make sure to check out your local one.

- Kyle

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