Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York Part II: Bouchon

After going into a chocolate coma from our late night snack attack at Max Brenner, we woke up early to go to the "Top of the Rock." It was a beautiful day and we could see the whole city from our bird's eye view, allowing us to perfectly map out our plan of action for conquering all of my food and shopping desires that day.

Betsy and I

Michele and I highlighting the view of the Empire State building, which is the exact opposite view of the building from what she stares at every day from her apartment on the Lower West Side. 

I started working up an appetite after our excursion, so Betsy and I started wondering towards Central Park, taking several pit stops to do some damage along 5th Ave. After walking about 10 feet into Central Park, we quickly bee lined it for the Time Warner Center that is next to Columbus Square. There, I had a delicious reunion with an old friend: Bouchon

Pre-blog days, Kyle and I took an amazing trip to Las Vegas on an award trip with my company. We treated ourselves to dinner at Bouchon and fell in love with Thomas Keller's food. 

I went for true indulgence and had the pate and bacon sandwich which was so rich and creamy in a way only fatty meat can be.

This salad may appear simple, as it is really just a bibb salad with some Roquefort cheese and a red wine vinaigrette. But it was so much more than just a green salad; it had bite with the rich cheese and tangy vinaigrette that was dusted onto the leaves--not drowning the salad or overpowering it like most lunch salads will do. 

Betsy had the Jambon Fromage which was french ham, emmenthaler cheese, sweet butter & dijon mustard on baguette. We didn't realize that the sandwiches came with salad, so when we split the bibb salad, we ended up with 1 1/2 salads--which was probably a good thing to counterbalance everything else we were indulging in!

To finish off this "light" lunch (humor me), we went to the bakery and picked up some coffees and a dessert. I got a salted caramel, which was sublime.

We went outside and sat in Columbus Square, sipping our coffees and nibbling on our treats--enjoying this perfect, spring day in New York!

Happy Eating,

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  1. I had the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich when i went to Bouchon, but now I wish I'd gotten that pate sandwich. It looks delicious!!