Monday, August 8, 2011

Museum d'Orsay Lunch

I had to post this commercial because I thought of it often throughout this trip. It is almost comical how much it plays into the stereotype of America: all work, no time for real food, no time for what really matters in life--only time for a crappy microwavable meal before your boss is on you to meet with another client. Europe gave me perspective and allowed me time to truly savor the moment and the food in front of me. 


My Auntie Barb and cousin Kelsey said one of their favorite lunches in Paris was at the Museum d'Orsay. So after spending a couple of hours looking at the fabulous works of art, we found some edible art in the stunning museum restaurant.


The museum was built in an old train station. This restaurant at one point must have been an elegant stop for rich travelers to eat before boarding a train out of the city. Now it is an elegant stop for hungry tourists to rest their feet and eat in style.

The lunch was prix fixe for around $16 euros, not at all a bad deal for a three course French meal in a beautiful setting.

Beef carpaccio with olive-sized capers, arugula, and Parmesan shavings. Can you believe that was the first course? So much for the petite French portions!

When this dessert arrived, my parents instantly became nostalgic as this was a popular dessert during their childhood. The Floating island is a fluffy pillow of meringue, topped with crunchy slivers of almonds and "floating" in a sweet pool of custard. 

This dessert was a tangy yogurt cheese topped with a delicate raspberry puree. The flavors were very subtle, which was a nice contrast to the rich and flavor-heavy dishes we had been feasting on up to this point.

Apricots were in season when we were in Paris and many of the desserts reflected the highlights of the season. Kyle wanted this apricot tart so much that he made my dad order the more expensive prix fixe meal so that he could sample this dessert. Luckily, my dad agreed and passed the dessert onto Kyle because he was trying to eat a "light" lunch. Typical men, of course they both ended up trying all of the desserts and all of the entrees and appetizers! There is no such thing as light lunch while on vacation in Paris.

My mom often calls meals "gorgeous." In this case, the meal was very good; however, it was truly the setting that made the meal stand out and embody that "gorgeous" meal my mom loves to talk about.

When in Paris, the Museum d'Orsay is a must-see, and lunch in the dining room is a must-eat.

Happy Eating,

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