Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Romanticizing Paris - Sidewalk Cafes - Paris Part 7

When Emi and I think of Paris scenes out of movies always come to mind. Think fashionable Parisians seated at a sidewalk cafe with a newspaper in hand, designer sunglasses, one leg crossed over the other showing their designer sockless loafers, all while an enjoying an espresso with a buttery croissant on the table. The espresso could be interchangeable with a glass of wine, the newspaper with a cigarette, but the constant would be the classy, sunny sidewalk cafe.

We told Emi's aunt when we arrived we could spend our whole time drinking wine at one of these imagined sidewalk cafes. The people watching, the great weather, the beautiful sites, tasty wine, and amazing food was all we needed.

We stopped into many a sidewalk cafe and wine bar in Paris to rejuvenate and to soak in the city and people of Paris. It was interesting to see that people watching was a common interest of Parisian locals and tourists alike. They even turn their chairs so that people can sit together and look out on the streets.

Like most of Europe, no one drinks what we classify as coffee, unless it's an Americano. Everyone enjoys the stronger espresso, which is quite bitter, but with a dash of sugar this is the perfect pick me up after an afternoon of walking through the city.

One of our favorite cafes was located across the street from Notre Dame where we stopped in for a drink before dinner at Ribouldingue. We ordered their seasonal "summer beer" to enjoy while looking upon Notre Dame.

Right across the street from our hotel was a nice wine bar that specialized in the wines from the Bordeaux region. They take their wine so seriously in France that you can find places that only serve varietals from one specific region! Also a common and welcome pattern was the fact that you could enjoy good wines at great affordable prices.

Fouquet's located on Champs de Elysee supposedly was a well known Paris restaurant. The food was super expensive, but since we had already eaten we dropped in for a late night glass of wine.

Emi with her glass of French rose.

Even though we had romanticized the sidewalk cafe experience in Paris, each one lived up to if not exceeded our expectations. Food, life, and love is always better in a place as beautiful as Paris.

- Kyle

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