Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye South Lake Union - Where Ya At Matt

There will be many things I'll miss about leaving my old job and one of the biggest will be the amazing food that I discovered in South Lake Union. From my favorite German Bar Feirebend to all of the amazing new Tom Douglas eateries in the area, whatever you like you'll find in SLU.

We've blogged multiple times about Marination one of our favorite food trucks in the area and on Wednesdays in the same spot is Where Ya At Matt a Creole inspired food truck.

The first time I ate there I went with the Shrimp Po Boy, not really all that great, and I think probably the only thing on the menu I wouldn't recommend, however everything else I've eaten there is great. It's hard to find good Creole comfort food, but Matt's does deliver. It seems like everyone I know has or is planning to make a trip down to New Orleans, I'm very jealous.

Besides the shrimp po boy I also ordered their beignets. They were thicker and a little doughier than the flaky light ones from Casper's, but they still melted in my mouth and were covered in loads of powdered sugar. Really can't go wrong with that. They also give you four big ones with each order. I had one after lunch with some coffee and gave the rest away, didn't need that gut bomb following me around the rest of the day.

My last week in South Lake Union I went back and ordered the smothered chicken po boy. Effing amazing, I split it with my co-worker, but it was one of those meals I wish I had kept all for myself. The sauce was creamy and spicy, which is a great combo in my mind. The po boy came with lettuce and pickles.

We also split the large shrimp and grits. I love me some shrimp and grits, especially after enjoying it for the first time this past Fall in North Carolina. I even blogged about it recently after enjoying it during Restaurant Week at Toulouse. The shrimp was spicier than creamy and topped the grits. Really good, but I would go with the smaller size because I think the only difference between the small and large besides the price is the amount of grits. I wish they had given us more shrimp, but oh well, the shrimp we did have was really good.

Hoping to have another reason to be back in SLU soon. Maybe next time I'm feeling a little skinny I'll go back for a Lunchbox Laboratory burger, Marination sliders or tacos, or a pint and handmade pretzel at Bravehorse.

- Kyle

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