Monday, October 5, 2009

My favorite summertime pastime: BBQ'ing

The great weather we’ve had all summer has inspired me to barbecue more often. I love to barbecue and especially with charcoal. Propane is quick, efficient, and easy, but it's not as fun as barbecuing with charcoal.

This summer I bought the Weber Performer Grill to replace our old gas grill that died on us. Also this grill is on sale right now at Crate and Barrel.

If you’re looking for a new barbecue I highly recommend this one. I know two other people who own the same one and both love it. They also sell it in black at both Home Depot and Fred Meyer.

I love to barbecue with charcoal because of the flavor it gives the food and also because it makes cooking more fun. With charcoal you regulate the heat by opening or closing the vents to let in more oxygen to either heat up the BBQ or cool it down. Also there are a lot of fun little tricks you can try out with a charcoal grill that would be more difficult with a gas grill.

The drawbacks to cooking with charcoal are that it takes longer to start up, it’s messier, and regulating the heat can be difficult (but easy once you’ve done it a few times). What I love about my grill is that it has a propane starter so you don’t need any lighter fluid; which ruins the flavor of your food anyway.

Throw the briquettes into the baskets and light up the propane flame with a push of a button. When the briquettes are lit up and hot turn off the propane, empty the baskets and get to cooking.

I’ve tried out a lot of new recipes this summer using this barbecue and will be posting up some of my favorite recipes in the coming weeks.

- Kyle

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