Monday, October 12, 2009

Brunchin' at Lola

Kyle and I have a new favorite after-wedding brunch spot: Lola. It is a Tom Douglas restaurant located at the bottom of Hotel Andra and a very popular spot, so if you plan on going, make sure to be prepared to wait and try to get reservations if going with a large group.

We are calling this our new tradition, because we have fond memories of our group rolling out of bed to meet up for brunch after both Carmen and now Becca's wedding. The food is filling and so tasty that even an after-wedding-belly will be excited to bring on this food.

Here you will see two photos of our favorite dishes: the Lola version of bagel and lox and the ever-popular eggs Benedict. When Kyle went to cut into the eggs Benedict, the egg literally burst, indicating a perfectly cooked egg--something very tough to accomplish!

We highly recommend this spot and the hotel is also a fun find if you are looking to stay in Seattle and don't want the corporate, boring style of your average Hilton or Marriott.
Congratulations to Becca and Lowell on your marriage last week and thank you for giving us an excuse to get our favorite brunch! Also, thanks to Jamie and Carmen for staying later in the morning to grab breakfast! Miss you guys.
Happy Eating!


  1. I love love love eggs Benedict! Lowell and I got some egg poachers off of our registry that I'm dying to use!