Sunday, October 11, 2009

Amy & Aaron and BBQ Love

On Saturday (10/10) one of my best friends, Amy Dang, got engaged to her boyfriend, Aaron Turner. Now, of course I am excited about their engagement and send them my love and congratulations--but the real purpose of this blog post is to talk about the amazing BBQ feast we gorged ourselves on at the surprise engagement party that Aaron planned secretly with his and Amy's family.

We got to experience the Turner Family BBQ--a southern style BBQ, with a tangy sauce and a little kick of heat that you get after each bite. According to the family, part of the secret (I am entrusting you all with this secret, too--aren't you happy you read this blog?!?) is a homemade dry chili powder blend rub. They keep a bottle of this hot goodness in a cupboard, and add to it whenever they come across an interesting new spice or chili powder. Some examples of these spices that Daddy Turner told me are sweet Mexican oregano and toasted chili peppers from a special grocer in White Center.

Aaron's brother started by rubbing the pork with this dry rub the day before the party, and let it sit overnight so the flavor really sunk in. Then, the day of the party began at 7:30 AM where he started up their family's smoker and began the long process of slow cooking and smoking the meat.

What came from all this hard work and love, was simply an amazing, mouth watering meal that we smothered in crispy, refreshing coleslaw and tucked away in a soft white bun. What a great way to celebrate love!

Amy's mom also made 100 fried spring rolls, which were also an absolute delight! Thanks to Aaron, his family, and Amy's family, for the great food and for inviting us to be a part of this very special evening.

Congratulations Amy and Aaron! May there be many more wedding events full of good food and happy memories!



  1. MMMMM looks delish! And yeah for Amy and Aaron!

  2. They had springs rolls too? UGH, I wish I was there! Congrats to A&A!