Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recap of the 2009 Puyallup Fair

I apologize for not getting this up earlier, but as promised here is a recap of our 2009 Puyallup Fair food eating extravaganza! This year Pert bailed on us, so unfortunately we couldn’t eat as much as we usually do. We’re taking applications for anyone who wants to replace Pert. The only criteria is that you come to the Fair hungry. Anyhow here’s a recap of the festivities:

First meal: fleischkuechle aka a deep fried meat turnover. The greasy, salty, flaky meat pocket was a great way to start off the day.

Emi’s close up shot of that greasy deliciousness

My Myer’s Walla Walla Sweet Onion Cheeseburger. This is a historic photo because it will probably be my last of these burgers. With how easy it is to get Walla Walla sweet onions and the fact that I eat them throughout the summer a $6 cheeseburger with onions is just not worth the space it takes up in my stomach. I gotta prioritize. Also note the Marines waterbottle I won for doing pull-ups. It was my pre-meal calorie burner to help me fit more in my stomach, but it didn't really help much.

Emi’s sweet and juicy corn on the cob

Delicious Darigold chocolate milk as a mid-Fair refreshment. Tasted like rich, sweet melted chocolate soft serve, I had about 5 samples.

Candid of Emi who broke from the plan and bought a corn dog! You can get a corn dog anywhere and yes she regretted eating it. The curly fries were great, but they became a soggy mess while we waited in line for that corn dog.

Boom, this is where we started to slow down

mmm, mmm good... Young Life BBQ Beef Brisket burger, was delicious. Not the same though without Pert there to enjoy one with me. After eating this I had no room left in my stomach.

We ended the day with a baker’s dozen of Fisher Fair Scones to take home to enjoy while we watched UW get beat by Stanford, boo. In general it was a fun trip, but also a reality check that I can't eat like I used to. This year we didn’t even have room for the turkey leg or the elephant year! Well there’s always next year.


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