Saturday, October 17, 2009


After a couple more months and a little more stress than originally planned for, Kyle got an offer and accepted an Account Executive position at Wunderman, a marketing agency that is based out of London--Kyle will be working out of the Seattle office. I am so proud of him and we learned some valuable lessons from the last year: be sure to have a good amount of savings to get you through rough patches, the support of family and friends is invaluable, and the most important thing above all the material things, and yes, even food, is happiness. We are so blessed to have good health, wonderful people in our lives and two loud and amazing puggles that make life happy for us.

We are celebrating with a one day family trip to Ocean Shores with the Suzuki/Nakagawara clan to go razor clam digging and watch the husky game.

Bringing it back to food...of course that will be a part of the celebration! We will have a feast tonight, and will be sure to blog about it and post some recipes, including a warm and gooey mac and cheese recipe I am trying for the first time.

Congratulations to my amazing husband and thank you to everyone who helped us get to this point!

Happy Eating,


  1. Congrats!!! Hope Emi makes you a yummy meal to celebrate!

  2. Nice work, Kyle! You deserve it! Lowell and I are pumped for you!