Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween 2009

Sorry, I know this post isn't very timely, but better late than never. Emi and I threw a Halloween bash for about 40 of our friends on Halloween night. Everyone went all out, dressed up and had a great time. Definitely one of our best house parties. The theme was "around the world", which meant that we asked people to bring beer representing: Germany, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, and of course the US of A. Emi also bought miniature flags for everyone so after you drank a beer from a certain country you also received a corresponding flag to rock for the rest of the night.

Anyhow with any of our house parties, we made sure to have a lot of food and since this blog is focused on the food we love and eat I wanted to share photos of what we made for the night.

The night's menu

My "adult" orange jello wedges

I got this idea from a family party the weekend before and wanted to try it out for our Halloween party. It's really easy to do and they come out looking great. Everyone really liked them. All you do is cut an orange in half, scoop out the fruit and then pour in the orange jello mix, but substitute in a cup of mandarin vodka and once it sets, cut them into wedges and serve.

The "Asian hot wings"; my friend Bob Do shared the marinade recipe with me. I usually make these at barbecues, but tried something different and baked them in the oven. They ended up being really good and I didn't have to worry about BBQ'in out in the cold and rain. Think teriyaki with a spicy kick.

Amy Dang's famous Cheesy Sausage Dip. Emi brough out the fondue set and kept the dip heated with a couple tea light candles. The sterno probably would have burnt the bottom of the dip, but the tea light candles worked perfectly. Good thinking ladies.

Emi's sweet potato fries

This looks like the miscellaneous countries station and at the moment it looks like Red Stripe and Jamaica were well represented.

Little Snow White and a Puggle Hot Dog

We didn't get pictures of everything we made, but I wanted to mention Emi's mac and cheese again. She made it for the first time on our trip out to Ocean Shores and perfected it for the Halloween party. I think Pert had 5 servings of it. All of the food came out great, we hope everyone had a good time, and hopefully we've started a fun Halloween tradition.

- Kyle

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