Monday, November 16, 2009

Seafood with the Sumidas

At least a couple times a month Emi and I go over to her parent's house for dinner. Emi's dad Steve is basically a gourmet chef and always has something delicious prepared for us. We're both spoiled because we know a warm, filling meal is only a phone call and a short 15 minute drive away.

Recently Emi and her Mom wanted to go check out The Bravern, which is the new fancy outdoor mall in Bellevue. While we were out shopping, Steve was preparing a fancy seafood meal for us. We also picked up dessert from Trophy Cupcakes, which is our new favorite specialty cupcake shop. They have one in UVillage as well.

We started off the feast with some fresh oysters from Mutual Fish Company, which is Steve's favorite place to go for fresh seafood. The first oysters we tried were Belon oysters, which he explained were very difficult to find outside of France, but that they grow them locally here. Since they are such a delicacy, he recommended I eat them with only a little lemon juice and pepper. The other oysters were also from the Pacific NW and Emi ate them with Steve's homemade cocktail sauce consisting of ketchup, horseradish, and fresh lemon juice.

Our first course

Oysters aren't for everyone, but these were really good. The Belon oysters aren't too fishy and can be enjoyed with only a squeeze of lemon and some pepper.

Our 2nd course - Steve's homemade spanikopita, for those unfamiliar it's a Greek pastry with philo filled with feta, spinach, grape leaves, and other Greek things I don't remember.

The rock fish that Steve prepared for dinner

Steve sauteed a variety of mushrooms including shiitake in butter and garlic and added in salt and pepper. After sauteing the mushrooms he added them on top of the fish.

After adding the mushrooms on top of the fish, he wrapped everything up in parchment paper to seal in the juices and to steam the fish while it cooked in the oven.

The main course which included the fish served on top of the parchment paper with some fingerling potatoes. Not pictured was a glass of chardonnay to complement the fish.

And now for pictures of dessert! My favorite was the Red Velvet Trophy Cupcake.

Lemon coconut

The mint chocolate cupcake was a close 2nd

The very creative burnt marshmellow s'more cupcake. This cupcake had a burnt marshmellow frosting which covered a graham cracker topping on the chocolate cupcake.

Emi and I also enjoy Cupcake Royale, but would have to say Trophy Cupcakes are better. The difference for me is that they are more gourmet and have more creative flavors. However so far my favorite cupcake is the Eggnog cupcake at Cupcake Royale.

We haven't been blogging much about our meals with Emi's parents, but will try to more because we always eat something that's delicious and new.


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