Monday, November 9, 2009

Places that make us fat: Chicago

Chicago is one of Emi and my favorite places to visit. We love Chicago for the opportunity to visit Emi's friend from childhood Anna, the great shopping, and of course the food! I was recently in Chicago for work and wanted to share a few photos of great meals from a past trip and also from the most recent one.

Calvin, me, and Emi at Bin 36 in September of 2008. Bin 36 is an upsale wine bar similar to Purple Wine Bar in Seattle. We had a delicious cheese plate with assorted flights to start off our trip.

Fresh fruit infused vodka martinis at a neighborhood restaurant Anna took us to in Wrigleyville.

My monster steak and eggs breakfast at the official "Ohio State Alumni" bar in Chicago. Gotta love that midwest beef!

Our favorite part of the trip was enjoying the Bloody Mary bar. Each of us got a small bottle of vodka and a pint glass along with multiple options of Bloody Mary mixes, olives, cheeses, salamis, celery, and spices. This great idea we have brought to our Husky tailgates.

On my most recent trip we enjoyed an amazing meal at A MANO which an affordable, yet delicious Italian restaurant located underneath Bin 36.

The "Trio of Brucshetta" which was split up into three sections: fava bean, mint and pecorino sardo, oven dried tomatoes and basil, , and chicken liver mousse.

The baby octopus was the chef's special appetizer. I've never had anything like it before. The octopus was smoky and very tender. It tasted like the world's most tender steak.

My A MANO Lasagna Bolognese which was described as "Best in the Country" by Details magazine. Made of beef, pork & veal, and Basil Pesto.

My pizza sandwich from Potbelly Sandwich Works to end my gluttonous trip through Chicago. This beauty came with pepperoni, tomatoes, provolone, marinara sauce, mushrooms, and Italian seasoning. Everyone in the Chicago office highly recommended this place for lunch.

We hope to have the opportunity to travel out there again in the near future. Also the last two times I've been to Chicago my fat ass has consumed an authentic deep dish pizza, but I guess I never took a picture so that's why no pictures were posted.

If anyone is out there in the near future and wants to check out a few of these places let me know!

- Kyle


  1. What is your favorite Chicago Deep Dish? I had Malnati's when we were there this summer and was not impressed. Not a fan of the huge tomato slices in the sauce. I know the owner's son though, so I had to try it.

  2. that lasanga made me drool! LOVE YOUR BLOG! miss you guys, come to Asia and have the food here!!!

  3. That sandwich looks devine! Love your posts by the way! Have you guys seen Julie and Julia? I am inspired and i am thinking about starting a blog called Jamie and Jamie. I will follow the Naked Chef's (Jamie Oliver) fantastic earthy recipes throughout the year!

  4. Giordano's is a well known Chicago deep dish pizza establishment. Definitely a 2,000+ calorie pizza. It's good, but not amazing. In general just sign me up for a Papa Murphy's take and bake Chicago style stuffed crust pizza and I'm good.

  5. Jamie, haven't seen Julie and Julia yet, will have to check it out sometime. Definitely think it's a great idea to do a blog of you learning how to cook a bunch of things, then we can steal some ideas. However not sure about calling it Jamie and Jamie, Carmen might get jealous of this Naked Chef guy.