Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lobster with the Sumidas

Again another blog post related to dinner with Emi's parents. Last week Emi's dad made another amazing meal. He wanted to make us some Chinese food with recipes from Martin Yan's cookbook. Lucky for us one of the dishes Steve decided to make was lobster!

Fresh lobster

Scallop soup

The "Foodies" wine Emi picked up. It was actually pretty good.

Orange chicken with fresh mango

Lobster with pork and black bean sauce

Asparagus with shiitake mushrooms and hoisin sauce

Emi will try to post a few of the recipes in the comments section if anyone is interested.

- Kyle


  1. Lobster is a weakness of mine and that looks amazing! Ina has a lobster mac and cheese recipe that is on my to-make list!

  2. mm the lobster and chicken look good! post them up! :) (if you have time...)

  3. Check out the lobster recipe on our most recent post! It is delicious!