Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Owen's 1st Birthday Party

Our family recently celebrated my cousin's son Owen's first birthday. Like at most of our family events there was a ton of food. My aunt always goes above and beyond to not only make delicious food, but to put together some fun creative and well presented dishes.

The theme for the late lunch was Asian food and my aunt made everything from Chinese to Vietnamese food. I wanted to share photos of the highlights from the meal.

My aunt's creative take on the California Roll. Instead of hand rolling them she decided to make one giant California Roll. She layered the ingredients inside of the giant roll so that all you had to do was take yourself a big chunk to get everything you would normally have in a California Roll, which was perfect for a big group of people.

Salty, sweet, sesame BBQ kalbi spare ribs which has become a staple dish at our family gatherings.

Teriyaki chicken wings

Something our family rarely makes is Vietnamese food so the Banh Mi's were a nice change. My aunt and uncle went to about 4 different restaurants to test out their Vietnamese sandwiches to see what they liked best. They settled on buying some nice French bagguets and stuffed them with meatballs.

My aunt makes amazing cakes and fancy cupcakes as well. She has been asked to bake a lot for our family over the past few years and the highlight of her work has to be the professional cake she made for Emi and my wedding reception. For Owen's birthday she made him his very own cake that he got to dig into after we sang him happy birthday and ate the cupcakes. If you look closely you can see that she spelled out Owen and 1 with white chocolate that she let harden before putting them on each cupcake.
This monster meal was another reason why we have to hit the gym hard during the week so that we can enjoy these meals over the weekend. Thanks to my aunt for a great meal and I look forward to many more delicious birthdays with Owen!

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  1. She really outdid herself for this meal, I agree! I also liked that she did the egg "flower" on the California roll. I posted a bunch of pictures from the party on our blog too.