Monday, February 8, 2010

Table 219

This is another post that has been waiting in my queue for some time now. Over Christmas, one of my greatest friends from high school, JP, and I met up for brunch to catch up. He had a "groupon" to Table 219, and we decided to try out a new place. For those of you that have frequented Geraldine's Counter in Columbia City, this is its new sister restaurant in Capital Hill. Our meal was absolutely delicious and we both loved it so much that we coincidentally both decided to go again the next week!

The only negative I encountered with the restaurant is that they have a strict rule that your whole party must be present before they seat you for brunch. I had arrived a bit early to meet my friend, and although the restaurant was about 20% full, they made me wait next to the door until he arrived. It was a bit awkward since they really have no seating/waiting area and I spent a couple of minutes staring at the empty tables that were calling my name. But what the restaurant somewhat lacked with service, they made up with the food. Here are photos from the second time we went:

The Seattle Slam: two pancakes of the day (I believe this day was poached pear pancakes), eggs and choice of bacon or chicken sausage. They always have a special pancake of the day. The first day I went, I think they had pecan pancakes.

Table 219 Benedict: two poached eggs over potato cakes made with smoked gouda and canadian bacon and topped with a creamy tomato, mushroom sauce and served with toast.

This was the best item on the menu: maple glazed pork belly with corn pancakes and eggs. This, along with Tom Douglas' brussels sprouts and pork belly, sparked my obsession with the fatty cut of pork over the holidays (and also led to the 5+ lbs I gained). The pork was perfectly cooked, slightly crispy with tender meat, and the maple glaze was sweet-savory and paired perfectly with the pancakes. After cooking pork belly endless times over the last couple of months, I have come to appreciate the art of cooking pork belly since I have yet to master it myself.

The restaurant is open for brunch Friday through Sunday until 3pm. It also looks as though they have happy hour Tuesday through Friday, 4:30-6:30 (I will have to try it out next time!). The prices are very reasonable. I don't have pictures of it, but my friend and I also had their bloody marys, which were stellar! They come with house pickled carrots that make great stirrers.
JP was my lunch buddy at Roosevelt High School since we were both band geeks and had the late lunch. We had many favorite spots including Taco del Mar for 2000 calorie super burritos, Whole Foods for bagels and their homemade raspberry jam, and on special occasions, we would go to Royal Palm for an amazing Thai lunch (those were only on days where I needed a long teen angst venting session and usually required we miss 5th period....). Anyways, I am so happy our eating tradition can continue--can't wait for the next time!

Happy Eating,


  1. Well said! That place has breakfast! You guys need to go to How to Cook A Wolf on Queen Anne...Could be one of the best in the area...Awesome Grub!

  2. Love it--we should all meet up there sometime! -Emi

  3. I was on the hunt for a great spot to take my in-laws out for brunch and your review popped up! We actually ended up going to both Geraldine's Counter in Columbia City and Table 219 on Capitol Hill the week they were in town and we were all more than impressed! Fantastic menu items at both locations, great staff and just an all around good feel from both restaurants. I would highly recommend either place if you have picky in-laws that HAVE to have their brunch :)