Thursday, March 11, 2010

Emi's Birthday Weekend

This is a post that should have been put together awhile ago. For a number of reasons back in the Fall we had a few fun food events that never made it to the blog. Mainly we were super busy, but also we got a little lazy. However to keep things fresh for our 12 followers I thought I would pull some photos out of the archives to share with you all. Photos of food look just as delicious today as it did months ago.

Back in September, Emi had a fun foodie weekend to celebrate her birthday. We started off the eating at our favorite place for brunch, Anthony's Homeport which is right on the water in Edmonds. Every Sunday from 10am-2pm they serve brunch. Buffet's are great and all, but we usually leave uncomfortably full. I have no self control at those sort of things. So that's one of the main reasons why we like Anthony's. You still get a lot of food, but don't have the feeling you have to eat everything in sight to get our money's worth. Maybe that's just me....

The birthday girl with her blueberry coffeecake which has to be our favorite part about eating brunch at Anthony's. The sweet, brown sugar crumble topping is amazing and to make things even more decadent, they give you a sweet cinnamon butter to lather on the cake. The blueberry coffeecake is unlimited so we usually get a couple baskets of it... Also they serve you a fruit platter with a really good creamy, yogurt sauce. Even in the winter their fruit is great. We could fill up on the fruit and coffeecake alone.

Emi's crab eggs benedict. Recently I've run into problems with a lot of places overcooking their poached eggs, but this has never been a problem at Anthony's.

My ham and cheese omelette, by this point we were pretty stuffed, but omelettes make great leftovers.

Birthday brunch ice cream! If anyone comes to visit we'll take you to Anthony's to experience this truly Pacific Northwest brunch.
That night we went to Emi's parent's house for a birthday dinner feast. Instead of going out somewhere fancy, Emi's parent's decided to put together a fun meal for her. It ended up being a pretty random meal, but of course like usual everything was delicious.

Emi's Dad steamed a fish as one of the courses, I think he poured ginger, cilantro, soy sauce, mirin, sesame oil and a few other things over the fish after steaming it.

Since Emi's aunt and uncle from Hawaii were in town they brought some Sumida Farm Watercress. Steve made this amazing side dish with it. For those of you who don't know about Emi's family farm in Hawaii or watercress, we'll have to have a post in the future about it.

Since Ezell's opened right down the street on Lake City Way we decided to pick some up along with their rolls. For anyone not from Seattle, their fried chicken is well known within the city and the urban legend goes that Oprah even has it flied out for her.

What Asian American meal doesn't have sashimi and sushi.

One of the Sumida's family friend's dropped off some kalbi for them. My contribution was that I BBQ'd it up for everyone, but had to dryclean the stink off of me afterwards. The kalbi was really good, even though I got all smoky from cooking it.

New York cheesecake for dessert. I think my Mom made it for Emi.

Emi had a fun birthday weekend and I was happy I got to share in on the fun and probably the few pounds we both put on as well. Until next year.
- Kyle