Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guest Blog: The Best Sushi in San Francisco

Emi and I envy our friend Calvin who lives in San Francisco because of all the amazing culinary options he has at his disposal. However we're happy that he lives in San Francisco and not in Pullman or some other city I would never visit.

Recently Calvin was telling me about one of his many amazing meals and I suggested he send me some photos so that he could write a guest blog post for us to share with everyone. His experience reminded me of one of Emi and my favorite sushi places in Japan. Hopefully Calvin will take us to Tekka for sushi next time we visit!

Outside of Japan, Tekka has the freshest sushi I've ever experienced.This hole-in-the-wall, mom and pop shop is one of the best kept secrets in the SF foodie scene. It has only a handful of Yelp reviews(many of which are poor reviews, giving only 1 star) simply because the regulars who frequent Tekka want to keep it a secret. Why? The place is tiny, seating only 9. They serve for only two dinner seatings, 7pm and 9:30pm, no exceptions. This place is for the true sushi lover. There's even a sign posted by the kitchen that reads "Tekka Rules - No forks, no soda, no tempura, no teriyaki..."

Our meal last night was completely the chef's choice. The old man looks you up and down and decides what you'll be enjoying for the night. He slices up fresh sashimi (yellow tail, salmon, scallops, eel, abalone, etc.) while his wife shuffles around serving up amazing tea. We brought along 6 bottles of sake because Tekka doesn't serve alcohol. The food and drink were our entertainment for the night. Meanwhile, the old man is busy entertaining himself by cooking andvwatching old Bee Gees concerts on a 10" tv. We left STUFFED andvhumbled to be able to experience the chance of eating at Tekka. Ourvtab for 3 people, $200. My review, 10 thumbs up (that's out of 10).

- Calvin

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