Friday, March 12, 2010

My Dad's 60th Birthday

Again another post from an event that took place last Fall. This time it was my Dad's 60th Birthday and oh did we have an amazing seafood feast. What some of you may not know about me is that I love to tear into food like a caveman and eat with my hands. Which was why this was such a memorable meal.

My mom boiled two big pots of seafood with lemons and Old Bay Seasoning. Click here to check out the recipe. The reason for two pots was that I'm the only person allergic to crab, so I got my own little pot for myself. If you look closely at the photo the double boiler at the top is filled with melted delicious butter.

Look at that spread. We covered the table in newspaper and then dumped out the food on the table for people to dig in on. The crab boil included: corn, jumbo prawns, lobster, sausage, and of course crab for everyone else but me.

My Dad putting on his apron so he can start eating.

Everyone chowing down. The best part was the melted butter we dunked the seafood into.

The aftermath. Everyone had a good time and I highly recommend a crab boil for your next event with family or friends. It was pretty easy to prepare, the only drawback is the cost of the seafood.

My Dad with his Costco double chocolate cake. Everyone loves this cake. I'm not a big cake or chocolate fan, but even I like it, so I'm sure most of you will love it.
I'm hoping that the crab boil either becomes a yearly tradition or that we pull it out for another party sometime soon. Just writing this post made me hungry.
- Kyle

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