Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hawaiian Eats

Whenever we go to Hawaii we always come back with a luggage full of gifts and our stomachs full of all of our favorite local food. Last week we went to Hawaii for Emi's cousin's wedding. We decided to go early so that we had time to enjoy some sun and to of course eat our way through the island of Oahu.

Spam musubi courtesy of Emi's Auntie Jan. The perfect Hawaiian beach snack. If you haven't eaten a spam musubi then you haven't lived. The spam is marinated and fried up in a teriyaki sauce and wrapped up with rice by seaweed. The perfect mix of a little bit of sweet and salty.

Kapiolani Coffee Shop located in the Waimalu Shopping Center is well known for a Hawaiian local favorite, oxtail soup.

The key to a delicious oxtail soup is in the broth. Also for me it's in the meaty oxtails. The soup is flavored by cilantro, peanuts, and green onions. The soup is also served with fresh ginger that you mix with soy sauce to dip your oxtails into. Also like everything in Hawaii the soup comes with a couple scoops of rice, which also go great with the soup.

Deep fried, sugared, jelly filled Hawaiian donuts, also known as Leonard's malasadas. This is a picture of their flavor of the month, lillikoi, which was probably the best malasada I've ever had. I'll need to make sure to go back to Hawaii next March too.
We plan on putting up a few other posts relating to our favorite Hawaiian local food. The next post will be about Emi's favorite shaved ice place, Baldwin's.
- Kyle

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