Monday, November 8, 2010

Absolute Perfection: Nobu

I am a snob when it comes to sushi...if I am going to pay serious buckaroos for something my mom and dad can prepare for half the cost, then it better be good. There are a couple truly Divine sushi spots in Seattle: Nishino's, Shiro's, and Umi Sake Bar (for those who love rolls). I also love Hiroshi's on Eastlake who can bring the sushi bar to you and does great catering and private parties.

Nobu is one of those cache restaurants that I associate with US Weekly and the skinny celebrities that frequent these type of "see and be seen" type of places. I never know if they are actually good because I figure the celebrities don't really eat when they go to the restaurants.

I recently went to San Diego for meetings and enjoyed a fabulous meal with my colleagues at Nobu. Just like my Dallas post, I was too ashamed of my food obsessed self to get out the camera and take photos of the food...but the mental picture will last a lifetime.

We noshed on a fabulous chilean sea bass, fresh yellowtail with jalepeno, toro tartar with caviar, and so much more. The desserts were also to-die-for.

Short of going to Japan's fish market, this was one of the best sushi/Japanese meals I have ever had the honor of being a part of.

On another sushi related note, for those of you in the Seattle area, there is a fabulous foodie charity event coming up: the Annual Sushi and Sake festival. Follow the link to get tickets and enjoy an evening of sampling Seattle's best sushi, sake, and beer! We will definitely post about our experience!

Happy Eating,



  1. Gah! Jeremy and I made reservations at Nobu in NY last week but missed our res! Good to know it's on the West Coast though. This is a must do for our girls' LA trip!