Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sushi Sake Fest

One of my favorite events of the year is the Annual Sushi and Sake Fest that benefits Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project. The first time I attended this all you can eat, all you can drink event, I was 20 and serving as a volunteer at the event. My mouth watered as I watched hundreds of guests gorge themselves on Seattle's best sushi and sake. The next year, I was 21, and Kyle and I came back as guests and feasted until we almost burst; we decided not to eat sushi until the next year's festival.
The idea is genius: take the best sushi restaurants in town, and offer a sampling of their best sushi (all you can eat). Add in sake and Japanese beer distributors (all you can drink) and you have my slice of heaven. And, it all goes to a great cause.

In the past, there were over 10 different sushi restaurants represented. This year they had a different format that included a sit down meal in addition to four different sushi restaurants sampling their delicious sushi. Featured above is Nishino's, which is located in Madison Park and is one of the best spots in town for sushi.

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the fabulous Hiroshi's, as one of my favorite sushi restaurants, located in Eastlake. He has been a part of many special events in my life. I held my UW graduation party at his restaurant and he catered a dinner for Kyle and I during our wedding week with a full sushi bar. He also is a great supporter of our Seattle Japanese American community and volunteers his labor and yummy sushi every year at the Sushi Sake Fest. Thank you for another great sushi feast, Hiroshi!

One of our favorites at every Sushi Sake Fest is Sushi Zen, which is located in Mill Creek. They featured an awesome roll that was topped with a seaweed salad. The crunchy effect it left behind in my mouth was superb! I think my mom and Kyle went back over 5 times because they loved it so much.

This gentleman came all the way from Japan to sample his amazing sake. There were six different sake stations that had a variety of different sakes. One of our favorites was a sparkling sake that was lighter and sweeter than the typical sake.

The plated meal included a rib eye steak, miso black cod, bok choy and a really delicate and delicious tofu dish. However, I would have preferred to spend the remaining part of the room in my stomach on more sushi!

We ended the night with a chocolate cake, green tea ice cream and strawberry mochi. YUM!

Next year come and join us for a great night supporting an even greater charity!
Happy Eating,


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  2. We've actually eaten at Sushi Zen, after a doctor at work recommended it. They have awesome lunch specials and bento boxes for cheap. You should go sometime if you've never been there. (And it's close to our house!)