Monday, February 28, 2011

Eating on the Job: Tata Cuban Cafe

This past year I've had Mexican food in San Diego, an Italian beef sandwich in Chicago, pizza and pastrami sandwiches in New York, BBQ all across Texas and North Carolina, and finally Cuban food in Indianapolis. Cuban food in Indianapolis!?! is probably what most of you are thinking, but it was definitely the best meal I had out in Indy. Might have more to do with what Indy has to offer, but honestly a great meal and one I wanted to share with all of you in case you ever find yourself out there and in need of some good food.

I had a looong night ahead of me for work so needed something that would hit me hard and keep me going. Tata Cuban Cafe had just what I needed Cafe Cubano. Basically it's a Cuban style espresso with sugar, also described as rocket fuel. I think I was up and going past 4am that night.

What Cuban meal isn't complete without a Cuban sandwich. I ordered the Sandwich Habanera con Jamon y Queso - load of ham with Swiss cheese, dill pickle, tomatoes, mayo & mustard mix on pressed bread. Delicious, crunchy, pressed, greasy bread filled with shredded pork. I knew I wouldn't eat again until late, so was happy to have a filling meal.
I never thought I would find myself out in Indianapolis or even the state of Indiana, but was pleasantly surprised and had a good time. If you ever find yourself out there make sure to check out Tata Cuban Cafe.
- Kyle

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