Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Hidden Mexican Restaurant - El Puerco Lloron

Over the New Year Holiday, my friend Andy flew up from SF to visit. On one of his last day's out here in Seattle we took him down to Pike Place Market to look around and do the normal touristy stuff. Little did we know when it came time to look for lunch Andy would be the one making the recommendation.

When he was in town a couple years ago for our wedding his parents took him to this hole in the wall Mexican place called El Puerco Lloron. Emi and I had never heard of the place and once we finally found it (we used Andy's smartphone to track it down), we could see why, the place is basically hidden within the steps of Pike Place Market . However once found, the place was great!

Emi and Andy outside of the restaurant, after we finally found it. I talk a lot about my love for "modern" Mexican food like Matador in Ballard, Azul's in Mill Creek, Mission in West Seattle, but I haven't found that good "authentic" Mexican restaurant in Seattle, until now.

The food is stewing and waiting to be served up hot for you. It reminded me of ordering food in a cafeteria, you tell them what you want, go down the line while they serve it, ring it up, and then sit down and enjoy. The only difference is the food is much, much better.

Andy went with the chicken breast cooked in a chocolate Mole sauce served with corn tortillas, rice, and beans. I'm not always the biggest mole fan because usually it's too sweet and the chocolate flavor can be overpowering. I really enjoyed this dish because you could taste all of the different spices that made up the complex mole sauce and the chocolate was subtle and not the only flavor in the dish.

I ordered the carnitas, which was slow cooked and tender. Served with the carnitas was pico de gallo, beans, rice and flour tortillas. After walking all over Pike Place Market we had worked up quite the hunger so this filling meal was perfect.

Emi ordered their chicken, beef, and pork tacos. We also had to order a side of their guacamole and chips and some refreshing cervezas. What Mexican meal is complete without a beer?

What a fun lunch. It's always fun to visit old favorites like Pike Place Market, but it was also fun to discover new places to eat in our own backyard. If you get a craving for what I think is "authentic" Mexican food or just near Pike Place Market and hungry make sure to go check out El Puerco Lloron.

- Kyle and Emi

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