Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Fred Hutch Gala 2010

As we've talked about in previous posts, Kyle and I are a part of the amazing Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's Innovators Network, which is for those under the age of 45 who want to support the Hutch. Supporting cancer research alone is a great reason to be a part of the group, but for Kyle and I, we also love the opportunity to attend fun events and indulge in fabulous food.

This year, we were once again invited to attend the Hutch Holiday Gala as guests representing the Innovators Network Council.

Shout out to one of my best friends and wedding/events Queen, Carmen: these centerpieces were classy and a simple statement with uplighting and fragrant gardenias adding to the ambiance of the evening.


Often times, the food at these types of "rubber chicken" events is bland and boring. Not the Hutch Holiday Gala! Each of the five courses were interesting and flowed into one another like a well composed song.

My favorite part of this salad was the smoked blue cheese. 

Ahhh, the intermezzo. I wish more meals had intermezzos. First, it truly does cleanse the pallet. Second, I love a good sorbet, and this one did not disappoint with its fresh, slightly tart cranberry flavor with a little vodka kick. Third, I just love saying the word intermezzo. 

Kyle and I made sure to get different entrees so we could taste each dish. I got the bass, which was the better choice as the fish was rich, buttery, and melted in your mouth. I also loved the farro, which added a good bite to contrast with the moist and tender fish. I heard that the Sheraton (which is where the event was held) recently hired a new Executive Chef who is implementing a healthier menu. I am not sure that I come to these events for health food, but happily licked my plate clean and while doing so, enjoyed telling myself I was being healthy.

Kyle's filet mignon. The herbed butter on the side makes me think that I was wrongly informed about this chef being into healthy eating...although, according to our crossfit paleo diet, fats and butter (that is clarified) is good for you. 

My favorite part of the meal every year is the coffee service at the end of the evening which comes with a buffet of toppings like fresh whip cream, Mexican chocolate sticks, raw sugar, and cinnamon sticks.

I loved the dessert which was a play on neopolitan ice cream, very creative!

The banana delight with layered rum soaked banana cake and chocolate ganache was topped off with a caramel swirl ice cream. It was rich and absoutely sinful. Plus, Kyle is allergic to bananas, so I ate it all myself, and had his vanilla portion of the neopolitan which also contained bananas.

The event was bound to be a success as Kyle and I had a blast cheering the Huskies onto a victory over the Cougars before the dinner started. We, along with several hundred others, gathered in the hotel bar (tux and dress on, beers in hand!) to watch until the last second in the nail-biting 2010 Apple Cup.

If you hate cancer, love food and good company, and are under the age of 45, please consider joining the Innovator's Network! We have a free happy hour at the Hutch on April 21 at 5:30PM. There are always amazing appetizers, great wine and beer, and wonderful short talks on the ground-breaking research that the Hutch is doing. Leave a comment if interested and I will send you the invite!

Happy Eating,

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  1. you two look fantastic! loving the center pieces, so simple and so classy! xx