Monday, February 7, 2011

Progressive Birthday Brunch

For my Mom's birthday this year, she said she wanted to do a progressive brunch. Obviously food is a primary focus of each and every one of our family events and this event was no different. What is a progressive brunch? Basically it's an all day gluttonous affair. Think "I wash myself with a rag on a stick" gluttonous, yet obviously delicious.

Each family is responsible for hosting the group at their home for a different course of the brunch. Think all you can eat breakfast buffet, but four of them in a row with maybe 30 minute breaks in between....

We started at our house and Emi made Amy Dang's famous savory pancetta waffles served with toasted almonds and authentic Midwest maple syrup. Unfortunately we didn't get any photos of the meal, but the carbfest had begun! Next we went to my aunt and uncle's and she served us shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon with cream cheese and bagels and croissants.

What Seattle brunch isn't complete without smoked salmon!

After stuffing ourselves at aunt and uncle #1's house (which in hindsite, was probably not very smart because of what lay ahead) we went to aunt and uncle #2 to enjoy their great food as well! This course included creamy eggs, fruit salad and the specialty dish below.

Little German pancakes, served with raspberry jam, Nutella, and powdered sugar. Delicious, light, puffy, rolled up pancake balls. My aunt recently got a cool little pan to cook them in. We also found them at Williams and Sonoma. We were stuffed, but not done yet...

Finally at my Mom's we had prime rib sandwiches to end the day! What started as brunch quickly blended into blinner! My Mom set out artisan rolls and my favorite, potato rolls to enjoy with the thinly sliced prime rib which we dipped into the salty, smoky au jus. Served on the side to probably help promote digestion was a sweet, tender pear salad.

All in all a great first progressive meal experience. I could see this catching on for future celebrations. Next time I'll make sure to pace myself a little more so that I don't feel like passing out afterwards or I'll make sure the last stop is at our house so I can excuse myself for my bed.

- Kyle

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