Thursday, February 3, 2011

Palomino Dessert - Sicilian Donuts

Mini donuts seem to be popping up on dessert menus all across Seattle. Recently we enjoyed a family dinner at Palomino in downtown Seattle and the most memorable part of the meal were the Sicilian Donuts.

I love how they served the donuts in a paper bag. Definitely not the fanciest presentation, but it was dessert and last time I checked it was never supposed to be healthy. Other things I think of that come in brown paper bags: cheeseburgers, french fries, fried chicken, malt liquor, mushrooms, dog poop (prelit), etc. Enough rambling, time to get to the point, the donuts. They were delicious, not Forbidden Donut delicious, but definitely worth recommending.

The donuts came with an orange honey-ricotta cream and a warm Nutella chocolate sauce. The perfectly crispy, sugar and cinnamon coated donuts were amazing with the sauces. Dipping the donuts into the cream and then coating with the Nutella was an amazing combination. It hurt my teeth it was soo sweet, but in a good way.

If you find yourself Downtown craving something sweet make sure to drop by Palomino even if for only some simple donuts, you won't regret it.

- Kyle

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