Sunday, January 24, 2010

3 days of gluttony in San Francisco - Day 3

Our last day in San Francisco was spent leisurely strolling around some famous foodie areas: the Mission district and the Ferry Building. The mission district of San Francisco is an up and coming neighborhood in the city--it truly has a lot of character and some of its eateries are rated top in the nation including our selection for breakfast/lunch, Delfina Pizzeria.

Delfina Pizzeria was named by GQ as one of the top Top 10 Pizza places in the country. We got to the restaurant at 12:08, 8 minutes after the shop opened, and had to snag a table outside (while it started to drizzle). Otherwise, the wait would have been a good hour to get an inside table.

In my attempt to try to find a challenger to Tom Douglas' pizza, I got this pie that was the special of the day (plus, it had eggs on it so I didn't feel as guilty about eating pizza for breakfast). The pie was topped with their signature tomato sauce, shaved Parmesan, and 2 fried eggs. Although it was delicious, sadly, it did not live up to my favorite at Serious Pie.

Kyle's pizza was salsiccia: house made fennel sausage, tomato, bell peppers, onions and mozzarella. I liked this one the best, it had the most flavor.

Calvin got the clam pie, which had cherry tomatoes, oregano, pecorino and hot peppers along with a handful of clams. Our goal for the weekend was to try some new things, and this fit the bill. It was definitely different and worth the try, although for those cheese pizza lovers, I don't know if it would be the best choice. The flavor was heavy on the clams, and had a sea-like aftertaste.

My cheeks look chubbier--great, better hit the gym double time!

After Delfina, we went around the corner to Tartine, a wonderful little pastry shop that Oprah apparently gave a shout out to and it instantly became a hit. Now, you can't go by without standing in a line out the door.

Then it was off to the Ferry Building to shop for some ingredients for dinner. I had promised to cook up a storm in Calvin's nice kitchen, and we were looking for inspiration at this food building that has been featured many times in my most trusted food resources, the Food Network and Bon Apetite.

There was an adorable mushroom shop called Far West Fungi that had every mushroom you could imagine, and more. I felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland.

Kyle's new love, truffles. We bought some truffle salt that you will see later in the post.
The shop had mushroom logs you could buy so that you can grow your own mushrooms at home.

A cool butcher shop that had fresh meat from local farms.

An Olive Oil Shop with oils and vinegars made from Napa Valley olives and wines.

I stopped at Cowgirl Creamery and one of the friendly workers helped me select a rich and smooth triple cream as well as a nutty aged cheddar that we snacked on for an appetizer later in the evening.

Then we headed next door to pick up a loaf of bread to eat with the cheese. The bread was crusty on the outside, and nice and chewy on the inside with a slightly sweet flavor; it went beautifully with our cheese!

We needed a break at this point and I headed to a gelato shop for a fun refresher, lemonade with strawberry gelato. I might have to make these Lemonade Floats for a party this summer!

After the Ferry Building, we shopped around Union Square for a bit, then I decided that San Francisco is filled with too much good food to waste a meal on my same old-same old home cooked food; so we trekked over to one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Osha for some takeout to feast on at Calvin's place. This is Kyle with a Lychee Iced Tea that we sipped on while we waited all of 6 minutes for our food to be prepared. I think I will also add this to my summer party menu! It seems simple, just iced tea with some canned lychees, yum!

Here's the truffle salt we've been raving about. A little sprinkle on a dish can even make McDonald's fries taste like a million bucks.

For a pot-luck or party, we all decided we're going to go to McDonald's on the way, get a couple large fries, and sprinkle them with some truffle salt for a fancy twist on a cheap fave. For garnish, we are going to sprinkle with parsley and some blue cheese.

Calvin opened up a bottle of 1999 Burrell School Cab Franc that went so well with our cheese and bread!

Osha Pad Thai

Chicken and green beans

Drumroll please....our #1 most beloved duck curry that we have never been able to find a replacement for.

We also cracked open one of the bottles of wine we got at V. Satui the day before. The sweet and crisp wine went perfect with our spicy meal.

For dessert, we shared two lovely tarts from Tartine, a coconut cream and a lemon tart. It was so light and delicious. A perfect end to a perfect weekend!

Well, that is it for our three days of gluttony. We woke up early the next day to make our 7AM flight home and by 9:30AM, we were back to cold and rainy Seattle where we picked up the dogs from Grandma and Grandpa Suzuki's house, and headed straight to the gym for a tough work out. I am now suffering the effects of too much food, too little sleep and hydration with a head cold that seems to get worse every day. I just warmed up some chicken noodle soup that Kyle made a couple of months ago and I have had stored in the freezer. Check out that post for a great recipe!
Happy Eating,

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