Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eating our way through the Holidays

Like most people, Emi and I gained a few pounds over the holidays. We still made it into the gym a few times, but we just couldn't overcome all of the calories we consumed.

Food is always an important part of our lives, but gets elevated to an even higher level during the holidays. Food is what brings all of our families together and I thought some of the meals we enjoyed over Christmas and New Year's should be shared with all of you as well.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Steve made the lobster in black bean sauce with pork dish for our Christmas Eve dinner.

Coconut Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream with homemade ginger snap cookies. I'll have a post soon about our tour of the Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream plant.
Christmas Day
We barely had 24 hours to recover from our lobster feast before Christmas dinner at my parents house. Every year my parents have around 25 people over for dinner and everyone leaves stuffed.

Emi's second attempt at Tom Douglas's brussel sprouts and pork belly dish.

Steve impressed everyone by roasting up a Christmas goose for the meal. Goose is much fattier than chicken and the taste is similar to duck.

Carving up the prime rib

Spiral glazed ham

The rest of the spread

Blueberry, lemon, and pumpkin pie for dessert
New Year's Day
Every year we go to my grandparents house in Tacoma to celebrate New Year's which is a very important holiday for Japanese Americans. My mom and aunt go over to my grandparent's the night before New Year's to help my grandmother cook and prep for the huge feast that is served the next day. Usually my grandparents host up to 50 people throughout the day. I usually eat, watch the Rose Bowl, eat some more, and then take a nap. It's a pretty awesome day.

Every food has a special meaning and it's good luck to try everything.

Happy New Year to everyone and here's to another year of good eats. Now it's time to hit the gym.
- Kyle

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