Monday, January 18, 2010

Dinner at Bai Pai

It seems every time one of the guys in my group of friends has a special occasion to celebrate we all meet at Bai Pai to share an amazing Thai family style meal. Seattle has some great Thai restaurants, but Bai Pai really stands out as one of the best. Bai Pai is located in Ravenna off of 65th and 25th.

This isn't your whole in the wall Thai restaurant off the Ave, but a fancier more refined type of establishment. Pert's dad is good friend's with the owner so we were lucky enough to pick his brain for tips on how to make some of our favorite dishes. We also found out that he started and used to own some of our other favorite Thai restaurants in Seattle: Mar Lai and Royal Palm. No wonder we love Bai Pai as well!

Spicy garlic green beans - one of our favorite dishes at Bai Pai and their best selling dish. The owner said the way he gets the green beans crispy, but keeps them fresh is by blanching and then quickly deep frying them before cooking them in a wok with the various ingredients.

The spicy garlic green beans, panang curry, along with our other favorite dish the Bai Pai Noodles (spicy wide rice noodles with Thai basil and chicken), and we also tried out the very flavorful Coriander Beef (sauteed with garlic coriander seed, honey soy sauce, over crispy rice noodles).

Chicken Panang Curry (we ordered everything with 3 stars which Pert and I really enjoyed, but for those of you who don't like too spicy I would recommend 1 or 2 stars, since Emi thought it was a little too hot)

The owner hooked us up with a complimentary dessert. The dessert was basically a sweet red bean rice with coconut milk drizzled over it.

Also thanks to my friend Kenny for the Bai Pai gift card that I had been saving since last year.
We highly recommend Bai Pai to anyone who loves good food and wants to try something off of the Ave. Even though the price is higher you'll quickly agree that the flavor, ambiance, and service is well worth it.
- Kyle

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  1. Their spicy green beans are the best, and this is the Thai place I learned that I love curry. Mmmmm!!!