Monday, January 4, 2010

Katz's Deli Sandwiches

Ahh, the first blog post of 2010...! I thought I'd start it off with a bang and spend a couple of posts reminiscing about some of the fabulous food-related presents we received during the holidays. People sure know the key to our hearts! We got some amazing spices and hot chocolate, gourmet teas and coffees, a very generous gift certificate to our favorite restaurant, Palisades, a fabulous 10 course Chinese meal with our family friends, chocolates, our favorite caramel chex mix, cookbooks, and so much more...phew, we are spoiled!

My very good family friends, Fred and Michele Schwarzbach and their daughter Betsy, live in the heart of NYC. Our families go way back to when we lived in Pullman (cough, cough--I hate admitting that!). We all found a better life by moving to bigger and better cities and they now live in one of the world's food capitals. Both of our families have always had a love of food in common. I remember I used to look forward to Betsy's birthday every year because Michele would slave away to make a gourmet, beautiful birthday cake that was way before Ace of Cakes' day and would easily be worthy of the foodnetwork or Martha Stewart magazine!

When I first got hired for my job and had to go to New Jersey for training, I spent several of the weekends visiting them in the city. They took me to all of the best restaurants and cafes--I hope to go back again soon to relive the delicious experience! One of the places they took me to was Katz's Deli. This is the infamous place where Harry and Sally ate and Meg Ryan had her famous "moment"...

Fred and Michele sent my family a gift basket from Katz and we had some amazing sandwiches with the fresh baked rye bread, cheese and salami. Mmmm, my mouth is watering remembering this great lunch.

Here it is! We added some fresh tomatoes, Swiss cheese, olives, lettuce, and a sweet pickle.

A key to every great sandwich is this great raspberry honey mustard. It adds a little sweetness and spice. It is also great when used in homemade salad dressings!
Thank you Fred and Michele for the amazing food and we hope to see you all soon. My next post will be about the wonderful 10 course Chinese meal we had last night!
Happy Eating,


  1. Rasberry honey mustard sounds amazing! I am on a spicy mustard kick right now!

  2. They only sell it at select stores. My mom gets it at Kattermans pharmacy in the U District. They have great local gift items--you might want to check it out sometime if you need gifts for friends and family in Texas!